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Computer Vision Research Associate

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2016 - 2017 George Washington University

  • M.S. in Data Science

2011 - 2015 Sichuan University

  • B.S. in Mathematics, concerntration on Statistics

Feature Skills

 • Advanced mathematics, statistical modeling and machine learning 
 • 3+ years experience in data analysis    
 • Software: Python (Tensorflow, keras, scikit-learn, Caffe, EDA), Spark, Tableau, postgresql, MySQL, R, Google Cloud Platform, Git  
 •	Technique: ETL, NLP, Recommendation System, Neural Network, Modeling, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Data Cleaning  

Major Researches

Movie Recommendation System [Python/Spark]

  • • Designed and developed a Flask web API backed with Postgre/mySQL as database to provide live movie recommendations
  • • Algorithms: Content-based recommendation/ similarity-based CF/ matrix factorization CF

Product Demand Analysis [Python]

  • • Predicted product demand for an online ads platform by analyzing users and products’ unstructured (title and description in Russian, images) and structured data (price, category, location and time)

Customer Value Analysis [Python]

  • • Predicted valuable credit card customers based on payment history, bill statement history and some background information

Master Thesis, German Traffic Sign Classification [Python/Tensorflow] Implementation in Tensorflow
Implementation in Caffe

  • • Image classification neural network comparison between Caffe and Tensorflow

Bachelor Thesis, Effect Prediction for NIPPV in Patients with Respiratory Failure[SAS]

  • • Used logistic regression model to predict treatment effect using patients’ physical data


Computer Vision Research Associate, Harvard Medical School

NLP Research Assistant, George Washington University

Data Science Graduate Assistant, George Washington University Website Operation Assistant

InDC IOS APP Content Developer

Intern, Ping ’an Insurance Company of China, Ltd.

Vice Minister of Organization Department, Student Union of College of Mathematics, SCU


  • 05/2015 Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis(5%)
  • 01/2015 Excellent Volunteer of SK Sunny Undergraduates Volunteer Service
  • 11/2014 Second Class Scholarship
  • 05/2013 Active Volunteer in Love Passing Voluntary Service of SCU
  • 04/2013 Second Prize in Undergraduates Tennis Championship of SCU


DC, 10/09/2017 DevFest DC 2017
DC, 05/15/2017-05/17/2017 Know Identity Conference
DC, 05/05/2017-05/06/2017 DevFest DC 2017
DC, 12/03/2016 GW DATA Data Driven Insights Conference: Extract, Transform, Learn
DC, 11/29/2016 Exploring some of the latest and greatest tools in Data Science
DC, 09/28/2016 Data Transparency 2016 with Open Data Innovation Summit
DC, 06/30/2016 ATARC Federal Big Data Summit
DC, 03/04/2016-03/05/2016 Open Data Day DC 2016


New Orleans, LA, 03/2017 Habitat for Humanity

  • • Rebuilt three houses in the areas of New Orleans that continue to suffer from Hurricane Katrina

Arlington, VA, 10/2016 Marine Corp Marathon

Washington Monument Grounds, DC, 06/2016 Moving day DC

  • • National Parkinson Fundraiser

DC, 04/2016 DC Central Kitchen

  • • Prepare food for homeless

Chengdu, China, 03/2014-06/2014 SK Sunny Undergraduates Volunteer Service

  • • Helped children of migrants

Chengdu, China, 05/2013 Love Passing Voluntary Service

  • • Collected and sold second-hand items from graduating students for charity fundraiser

Chengdu, China, 04/2013 Volunteer for Ya’an earthquake

Chengdu, China, 04/2013-05/2013 The Love-Package Volunteer Service

  • • Fundraiser for children in distant poverty-stricken areas.