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##Background The purpose of this template, Jekyll Academic, is to provide you with a simple, well-designed website that is optimized for hosting on GitHub Pages. We aim to reduce the technological know-how and time that is usually required for maintaining a personal or professional website. Jekyll Academic is a Jekyll template developed by NCSU Libraries tailored specifically for use within the academic community. It is a template for Jekyll, a static website generator. Its features include the ability to create blog posts, a dedicated resume page, social media integration and the ability to create and host Reveal.js presentations. It is also designed to be hosted on GitHub pages. Jekyll Academic allows you to create a well designed, functional and completely free website. Hosting on GitHub Pages allows you to keep the website in one place, even if you move between institutions.

##Why Should I Use This? By using this template you will have a website that is well designed, easy to maintain, free to host and easy to update. While there are many options out there for personal and professional websites, most are dependant on the platform on which they were built, and cannot be easily migrated. This template, while built for Github Pages integration, provides flexibility should you choose to host it elsewhere.

##Workshop Handout Instructions on Jekyll Academic for the GW Libraries workshop “Build a Professional Website With GitHub Pages”.

##Getting Started Guide Complete documentation for getting started as well as advanced features of Jekyll Academic can be found at